Hacham Eliyahu Lavi

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A few quotes from the Rabbi on 'Tzedakah and Healing'
in which he teaches that one should remove strife and quarrels from one's home, and distribute one's charity to the poor covertly.
It is also known that a person needs his surroundings and home to be at peace, otherwise, heaven forbid, his home will become a dwelling place for the sitra akhra [realm of evil] and an angel of poverty will pursue him. This is derived from magid rakhtza [from the Passover seder], for through Torah he removes [motzi] the sparks of Torah and holiness from the sitra akhra - on condition that he is motzi matza [matza also means strife], i.e., that he eliminate strife and quarrels from his home. And greatest is peace, that was given to those who love the Torah, as has been said: "Great peace have they that love Your law", for if not, heaven forbid, then maror karuch [bitterness is involved], for if he is always in conflict then the sitra akhra forever pursues him; this is the meaning of maror korech. And he who fears G-d and whose deeds are all for the sake of heaven is to carefully weigh his ways and also to give charity; furthermore, should his charity be done covertly [tzafun] he will then mend the sparks of holiness…by distributing [alms] to the poor and to Torah scholars, and by supporting the tired knees [barech] of masters, and this is the meaning of shulchan orech tzafun barech: Charity should be done in secret.
Geulat Hashem, Piskei Dinim leShoavei Ma'im, p. 17a, Israel Kushta and Friends, Livorno, 1864
לדף חכם