Hacham Moshe Maimaran
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A Short Tribute

Hacham Moshe Maimaran, son of Abraham, was born in Meknes, Morocco, in 1738. He studied Torah with his father and with Hacham Shlomo Toledano, but his main teacher was his paternal grandfather, Hacham Yaacov Toledano [known as the MAHARI"T].

Hacham Moshe Maimaran married Blaidah and the couple had three sons, all of whom died at an early age.

While still a young man, Hacham Moshe Maimaran was appointed as a dayan in Meknes and headed a yeshiva which initially had no permanent place. The sages of his city ruled that a new synagogue be built in his home, where he raised numerous students, including Hacham Haviv Toledano, Hacham Yehiel Ben Zeno and Hacham Shlomo Maimaran.

Hacham Moshe Maimaran passed away on 7 Av, 5540 (1780). He authored many books on Talmudic tractates, on the Prophets and Scrolls, on the Tor and on Maimonides, as well as many sermons that he would preach in synagogue. Many of his manuscripts, found in various depositories, were published some 250 years after his death and can be found in the following books: Sefer Ha'Ma'alot, Midrasho shel Moshe, and Hidushei Rabeinu.

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