A Tradition Never to be Forgotten
May it be the will of the Lord of Heaven to sustain for us all the Sages of Israel, the saintly of the earth, in all their dwelling places, and may their merit stand by us in this world and the one to come; may all those assisting those undertaking the task be blessed, and may G-d also grant that which is good, may our land provide its yield, their righteousness leads the way before them and may Your Righteous lead their way and testify on their behalf, for a good life and for peace.

Rabbi Chlafta [ben Dosa] of Kfar Chananiah says:
Ten who are sitting together and engaging in Torah, the Divine Presence rests among them, as it is said: "G-d stands in the congregation of G-d." And from where [is there proof that this is true] even [when there are only five? As it is said: "And He has founded His band upon the earth." And from where even three? As it is said: "In midst of judges He judges." And frm where even two? As it is said:
"Then those who feared the Lord spoke one with another, and the Lord hearkened and heard." And from where even one? As it is said: In every place where I cause My Name to be mentioned I will come to you and bless you." 
MishnaAvot , Chapter 3 , Mishna 6

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